Finally, I published

Well, that took me long enough. If you’re reading this, that means I finally did it. I finally published, I shipped, I put it out there. Not a lot of people know this but this blog is an idea I have been sitting on for quite a while now.

Why did I decide publish after all?


There are many reasons, all of them selfish. The first reason I decided to do it is because the internet convinced me to (more on that later). Online presence is a big thing nowadays and building one takes time, so I might as well start early.

Another reason I started is that I want to improve my communication skills and I want to learn more about two of my big passions: programming and AI. It is often said that the best way to learn is to teach to others, and that is what I’ll attempt to do. Baisically this blog is an excuse to learn more about those topics.

I will admit I got a bit starstruck by the likes of John Somnez, Jeff Atwood, Joel Spolsky and Troy Hunt. I don’t really expect to become that big, I just hope to enjoy the ride.

I’m also a somewhat introverted person who sometimes has difficulty expressing opinions. I decided that this would be a good platform for me to practice that skill. Despite what I often tell myself, I have good things to say. I hope that this blog will provide me with an easy stepping stone to being more expressive in my daily life.

I also started a small travel blog earlier this year while I was walking the Camino de Santiago. There I noticed that I really enjoyed blogging. People seemed to enjoy reading about what I had to say. That should have been all the reason I needed would have needed, but of course, it wasn’t.

The truth about the truth

Here is a paradox I’m sure you will recognize. My best works are the ones I have fun in creating. Yet, as soon as I realize they might be or start to think of them as, my best works they stop being fun. At that point, they are no longer just fun projects. They become something my career/study/whatever depends on and it becomes a chore. That is the problem I had with this blog. I wanted to start with a bang, I wanted to start out with a big blog post and people to be amazed. The truth is that that is why I almost didn’t do it.

I created the website and the URL and everything and then it just sat there for a few months. I kept promising myself that I would work on it and I didn’t. Because I wanted it to be perfect instead of it being fun, I couldn’t work on it. I started, wrote and rewrote a couple of posts but they never got anywhere near the place I wanted them to be.

Two things eventually got me to do it anyway:

  • This clip. It is amazing, really watch it. And eventually I knew it, I had to just launch. I had to give myself permission to suck , which is how I learn a majority of things I learn. I give myself permission to suck and then just do it. It’s a hump you have to get over, and it’s not easy, but this clip helped me get there.
  • One of my dear friends Miss Frazzle also started her blog shortly before I did. I can’t really explain why this made such a difference to me. Suffice to say that her leading the way and just talking about her life, pushed me over the edge.

The future


So there you have it. The blog is finally there. If the internet has taught me one thing about blogging it’s that consistency is key. That is why I am going to update this blog at least every week on Friday¬†Sunday (subject to change). Every now and then I’ll try to do a big story explaining how something works, usually, AI or programming related. Other times it will just be an opinion piece or a personal update. I do, however, pledge solemnly that there will be at least one story every week! (I am going to hate myself for doing this. Oh well, wish me luck!)

I will also be playing around a bit with things like layout, social media, email list, themes etc. If you have any feedback, or wishes, please let me know!

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