Profile picture of me Greetings fellow wizard, and welcome to my domain! My name is Daniel Vente, mathematician, programmer, wizard, and all-around nerd and this is my blog. Come with me on an exciting journey through the dregs of the internet, as we learn about new and incredible technologies!

About the blog

This is where I will engage in activities including but not limited to:

  • express my opinion
  • teach you about AI/programming
  • being wrong
  • partake in general nerdiness

If you want to know more about the blog check out my very first blog post.

While I am a wizard I am no archmage. I will undoubtedly be wrong at some point, and since this is the internet you will undoubtedly notice. This is a learning experience for me so I welcome comments, emails and feedback. Just don’t be a dick about it.

About the man

I currently live in Leiden, in The Netherlands and I just finished my bachelor’s degree in theoretical mathematics (it sounds quite dramatic when you say it like that, I promise you, it’s not). I learned to programme in high school and it has been a hobby ever since. I consider myself a decent developer but I’ve obviously got a long way to go. Besides programming and blogging, I love running, gaming, reading, having a drink with friends and watching standup comedy. Should you want to know more about me or contact me, check out my webstie

As a 20-something-year-old ought to I have little to no idea where I want to go with my life. Currently, I’m taking a year out to do an internship, after which I hope to go and do a postgraduate at the university of St. Andrews in artificial intelligence. Beyond that, I really have no idea. I just try to cultivate the skills I might need and do the things I enjoy.

About the name

People (mostly non-tech people) sometimes tell me that I’m a wizard, usually when I solve a tech problem (or when they see me stare at some code/maths). We also sometimes throw around phrases like “black magic” or “and then some magic happens QED” in uni. That’s where the idea started, but there’s more than that. I’m convinced everybody is a wizard. For example, take my mother. For all I know, she keeps her wand hidden somewhere in a kitchen cupboard, and just whips it out when I’m not around and bam, dinner is served. So too, you are a wizard. Of course, all of our wizardries comes from bloody hard work. I don’t mean to devalue that, but it sometimes seems like magic to the untrained eye. Even though this blog may be about my personal modern wizardry, I named it after the wizardry that we all perform every day.

Where to start

At the time of writing I’ve just started this blog, so there isn’t a lot I can point you toward yet. I’ll try to make sure that I’ve got some interesting content to link to here as soon as possible, as well as keep this section up to date. For now you can always start with my check out my very first blog post.

  • (12-12-2016): I created an Archive Page. Here you can see everything I posted broken down by search, month, category or tag.

This blog (is going to) contains both posts on programming/AI and personal updates. The posts tagged as “muggle” are usually personal updates/ opinion pieces, or anything else that doesn’t require (too much) technical knowledge. Posts that go into details on technical subjects or try to explain certain concepts will be tagged as “wizard”.